Checking In - Muscat Airport

Here you will find useful information about checking in for your flight.
To make check in as smooth as possible, please make sure:

  • you plan enough time for check in
  • You have the [relevant travel documents, including appropriate visas for your destination.
  • You understand the security requirements and restrictions.
  • You are not carrying restricted or prohibited itemsin your check in or hand baggage.
  • Your baggage meets the size and weight restrictions

Checking in at the airport

Check in desks for your flight are clearly displayed on screens inside the departures hall.

Most flights open three hours before and close one hour before the departure time. Please make sure you check this with your airline before you fly.

Online check in

Some airlines offer their passengers on-line check in for greater convenience and to reduce the length of waiting time at the airport. Please check with your airline to see if on-line check in is available.

Passengers who have checked in on-line and who have a printed boarding pass may drop their baggage at before proceeding to clear through passport control and into the duty free area.

Passengers who have checked in on-line and who have only hand luggage may proceed directly to through passport control.

Baggage drop

Remote check in

First and business class check in - Oman Air

First and Business Class passengers with Oman Air can now check in at the exclusive Oman Air lounge.

Baggagesize and weight restrictions

Most airlines have size and weight restrictions for check-in and hand baggage. Excess baggage will be charged by weight and oversize bags may not be permitted on board. Please check these with your airline before your trip.