Airport Security - Muscat Airport

The safety and security of our passengers, visitors and employees is of utmost importance and we take safety and security seriously.

All departing passengers will be subject to security baggage screening. X-ray machines are in place at the entrance to the departure hall and all hold (check in) and hand baggage will be X-rayed.

Passengers and visitors are asked to be patient while these security measures are in place and to please arrive early at the airport early to avoid delays to your flight.

Hand baggage for departing customers is also X rayed again after clearing through immigration.

All baggage (hand luggage and check in baggage) of arriving passengers is also subject to X- ray by customs before exiting the airport.

All electrical items such as laptops, mobiles phones, cameras, MP3 players and entertainment devices may be subjected to additional screening. Please be prepared to remove your electrical items from the travel case to be X-rayed separately.

Prohibited and restricted items

To make sure you and all your possessions arrive safely at your destination it is important to keep in mind that there are some restrictions regarding what you can take on board in your hand luggage. There are also restrictions and regulations regarding items that can be brought into Oman and other countries. Use the information here as guidance to plan your trip.


All international flights have restrictions on items that can be carried on board in hand luggage. To ease your journey, we suggest that all sharp items are placed in your hold baggage (checked in bag) and only items of value or items required whilst onboard the aircraft are carried in your hand baggage.

Since 2008, in line with international regulations, only liquid and gel containers of 100ml or less may be taken on board (in hand luggage). These containers must be contained in a see through plastic bag (provided at the airport) and must not total more than one litre. Individual containers over 100ml, or containers totalling more than one litre, will be confiscated and destroyed.

Passengers with medical conditions who need to carry needles or syringes must be able to show the medication with a pharmaceutical prescription.

Please click here to view our guide on hand baggage restrictions.


A number of items are restricted or prohibited from being brought into Oman. [Click here for further details]

Passengers leaving Oman are recommended to seek information from airlines or representatives embassies of the country you are visiting to understand the customs laws at your destination.

Passport control

After check in, passengers are requested to clear through passport control, and into the airside departures area.

Please make sure all travel documents are in order before you travel. For further information about visas for Oman, please [click here].

Fast track and [e-gates] are available at passport control.


For greater convenience, electronic- immigration gates (E-gates) area available 24 hours a day for arriving and departing Omanis and expatriate residents who possess a civil status Identity Card (ID).

The E-gates utilise smart card and finger print identification to automate the entry or exit process.