What to except when I arrive - Muscat Airport



All passengers arriving on international flights will travel from the airplane by bus to the immigration and arrivals hall.
If you are transferring through Oman [ click here for further information ].
If you are staying in Oman, you need to clear through immigration.

In the immigration and arrivals hall, you will be able to:

  • Collect your visa, if you need one to enter Oman. [Click here] for more information on visa requirements.
  • Exchange money
  • Clear immigration through the Royal Oman Police (ROP) desks or E-gates. There are dedicated, signposted desks for GCC nationals and visiting passengers of other nationalities. Fat track desks are also available for Oman Air First and Business Class travelers.
  • Purchase duty free
  • Collect your baggage
  • Clear customs

A meet and greet lounge is also available for arriving passengers.

Transferring passengers

You may be transferring in Oman, awaiting an onward flight to another destination. We would like to make your transfer as pleasant as possible.

The Transfer Area is to the left of the immigration hall and is well sign posted. All transferring passengers should proceed to the First Floor and should collect boarding cards if these were not issued at the point of origin. Lifts are available to the first floor Transfer Area.

All transferring passengers will be security screened, including x-rays of hand baggage.

After clearing security, transferring passengers are able to visit the duty free shopping area or proceed directly to the onward departure gate.


Most international visitors to Oman require valid passports and visas for the duration of their stay.

Do I need a visa to enter Oman?

Use our guide to identify the visas required for your stay.

If your circumstances are not reflected below, please contact the Royal Oman Police, Passports and Residency section at Muscat International Airport on (+968) 24518746, or visit:

Alternatively, please contact your airline or nearest Oman embassy.

Note that while this information is updated regularly it is recommended that you check visa requirements with your airline or nearest Omani Embassy before you travel. Passengers travelling without a valid visa will be returned to their point of origin. MORE DETAILS

Customs and allowances

Oman has strict laws governing the import of items into the country. It is important that you are familiar with the restrictions before you travel.

After you have collected your baggage from the carousel follow the signs to the exit. You will pass through customs clearance. At this point all baggage, including hand baggage will be x-rayed and may be searched. If you have anything to declare, you must declare it when your baggage is x-rayed.

Duty free allowances

Arriving passengers are allowed to carry the following duty free items into Oman:

Tobacco 400 Cigarettes
Perfume 100ml
DVDs Ten
Wine or Liquor (passengers who are non Muslims and over the age of 21 years only) 2 bottles (max 2 litres) or 24 cans

Any items over these allowances must be declared to customs. DVD or CD with recorded information may be kept by customers to check the suitability of the material to be taken into the country. It may take a number of days for these DVDs and CDs to be returned.

Prohibited items

The following items are not permitted to be brought into Oman:

  • Weapons, arms and ammunitions
  • Fireworks
  • Drugs and related paraphernalia which are banned by the international conference of Opium and Drugs
  • Leaves, flowers, seeds and stems of cannabis
  • Raw or prepared opium
  • Pornographic publication and material

"Travellers on medication which come under banned "Narcotics Drugs" need to have a medical prescription from their doctor, which has been certified by the Ministry of Health in their respective countries and further attested by their Omani Embassy or consulate, before the medication can be brought into the country. Travellers with this type of medication must declare it to customs on arrival."

Carrying Valuables

In compliance with the laws of money laundering and its executive regulation, the following must be declared to the customs authority, using the relevant declaration form, which can be requested at the checking counters:

  • Cash, other bearer negotiable instrument (such as cheques , bills of exchange , stocks and shares etc.) and precious metals or stones valued at R.O 6,000 (Six Thousand Omani Rials) or more, or its equivalent in any other currency.

This applies to all individuals, establishments and companies.

Meet and greet services

Navigating immigration and baggage reclaim after a long journey, can be stressful. The Plaza Premium Lounge offers food and beverage, shower facilities, TVs, newspapers and magazines, and provides the following services to ensure your arrival is smooth and hassle-free:

  • Meet & Greet Services
  • Visa Assistance
  • Fast Track Service

The lounge is open 24 hours and is located in the arrivals hall, before immigration.

Meet and Greet Services Rates:

  • Premium Service - RO 19 (with welcome flowers)
  • Standard Services - RO 15

For more information please contact the lounge on tel: +968-24518198 or email:

Tourist Information desk

A Tourist Information desk is located at the baggage concourse of arrivals. Here travellers visiting Oman can seek information about all that Oman has to offer and can obtain free leaflets, brochures and maps about the Sultanate.

Baggage services

There are three baggage carousels in the baggage hall of the international arrivals terminal. Look up your flight on the screens in the baggage hall to identify which carousel your baggage will be on.
During busy times, for your convenience, baggage may be removed from the carousels and left in clearly marked zones between the carousels.
Oversized baggage may not be on the carousels and may be left in clearly marked areas by the end of the relevant carousel.
Please note that all hold and hand baggage may be subject to screening and X- ray by customs before departing the baggage claim area

Can I get help with my baggage?

Free trolleys for baggage are available in the baggage hall.
There is also a porter service available for people requiring assistance with their baggage. This services costs RO 1.500 and includes a porter, a trolley and assistance to get your baggage from the carousel, through customs and to your car or transport within the airport complex.

What happens if I lose my baggage?

Be sure to retain the baggage identification tags you received when you checked your baggage in at the start of your journey. These will enable your baggage to be tracked in the unlikely event that it is lost.
If your baggage does not appear on the carousel, visit the Oman Air Lost Baggage Counter in the baggage claim area. Every effort will be made to track and return your baggage as quickly as possible for minimum disruption to your journey. The Baggage Counter can arrange for your baggage to be forwarded on to you at your address in Oman.

What happens if my baggage is damaged?

If your baggage has been damaged during the flight, please report the damage to the relevant airline office in the terminal building.

Travelling with pets

Arrangements for traveling with pets should be made with the relevant airlines when booking your ticket.