Cargo Flights - Muscat Airport

Oman Air is the sole cargo handling agent at Muscat International Airport and Salalah Airport, established since 1981 Oman Air has an excellent record of professional and high quality service standards. Backed by an automated cargo handling system, state of the art equipment and facilities, highly skilled and trained staff, high standards of security provides and ensures expeditious and efficient services to its valued customers.

Service & Facility Highlights

  • Provides 24-hour services for import and export cargo.
  • Utilizes an automated cargo system for documentation, warehousing, Export cargo acceptance and Imports cargo delivery purposes.
  • Round-the-clock break-down and build-up of cargo and mail.
  • Cold-storage and freezer-storage facilities.
  • Storage for dangerous and hazardous cargo.
  • Separate storage facilities for newspapers, diplomatic and postal mails.
  • Separate storage facilities for valuable and vulnerable cargo.
  • Electronic weighing scales for accurate calculations of weight capacities.
  • Cargo undergoes x-raying for safety and security purposes, under strict supervision of Airport Security.
  • Road Feeder Service made available to various airlines.
  • Freight Status Updates (FSU) messaging requirements for airlines.
For further details on Oman Air Cargo contact: (24 hours)
or Tel: +968 - 24519290